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Cuchen Appliances

Culture of KitCHEN

Premium Home · Kitchen Appliances Brand

Cuchen Co., Ltd started as a home appliance company
in 1976 and is striving to become the best home appliance corporation
that enhances our customer’s quality of life with its business philosophy
prioritizing customer satisfaction.

In 2012, Cuchen Co., Ltd established a subsidiary corporation in the US
in order to increase international sales by entering the US primary market,
and to reinforce the image and the service of the Cuchen brand. Cuchen
is developing into a kitchen appliance brand that is craved by our customers
by presenting products with trendy designs on top of its 40 years of technical expertise.

A New standard of

Premium Rice Cookers


Based on our exceptional technology, Cuchen rice cookers with its
excellent taste of rice and convenient functions became a powerful player
in the industry immediately after its release. Using 2000℃ thermal spraying
techniques, Through dials with ‘Luxury Iron’ within the pot (Korea’s first)
that cooks each rice grain evenly and moistly,
Through the ‘Smart Dial System’ touch system (Korea’s first) that allow
convenient choice of menus, we launched the ‘Smart Touch LCD Rice Cooker’
(Korea’s first) that allowscustomers to operate the menu.


For the first time in Korea, we have created the perfect taste of rice using
2.1 high-voltage technology, and raised the temperature of the rice cooker
to 121℃. Through frontier technology and user-centric thinking, Cuchen Co., Ltd
continues to develop products that ensures customersatisfaction.

Leading the

Electric Range Industry


For the first time in Korea, through ‘Hybrid Range’
that combined the advantages of induction ranges (IH) and Highlights,
we created a big splash in the Korean market that was previously solely
consisted of Foreign brands. Since then, we have launched the ‘IH Smart Range’
and are now equippedwith the full line-up of electric ranges


We have secured market shares in the Korean electric range industry
by launching the ‘3 Zone Induction Range 3.0 FLEX’,
and are focusing on the research for a high-efficiency product for energy conservation.
Cuchen’s electric range is receiving positive responses from consumers,
not just for our luxurious designs but also the convenient use stemming from
Cuchen’s consideration of life-style patterns.

A Strong Player in Premium Home

Appliance Design

We have received various design awards such as
‘iF Design Award’, ‘Korea Industrial Design Award (KIDA)’, ‘Good Design Award’,
‘Pin Up Design Award’, ’Advanced Technology & Design Korea Grand Prize’,
and are bearing fruit in the field of design development.

Especially in 2021, ‘121 Rice Cooker’ based on the Korean traditional pottery
‘white porcelain’ and ‘black porcelain’
received the Good Design (GD) award
and have successfully incorporated Korean aesthetics into kitchen appliances.

Efforts to

Increase Consumer


We acquired the certification of ‘Consumer Centered Management (CCM)’,
and established a company-wide system that will enhance consumer rights and interests.


We were selected as an excellent firm in the ‘2021 Korean Standard
Contact Service Quality Index (KS-CQI)’
for employing work-from-home system for consultants and implementing AI services,
in accordance with the COVID-19 situation.
Cuchen Co., Ltd will continue to strive to be established as a brand
which prioritizes its consumers.