The power of 121 °C from the first 2.1 ultra-high pressure in Korea.
Cuchen 121 Rice Cooker cooks mixed grains as softly as white rice.
Salad grains for diet are also perfectly cooked to provide a healthy and delicious meals.

CUCHEN Rice Cooker

Full stainless steel New power lock

Withstanding the unimaginable 2.1 ultra-high pressure with the expanded locking area.
Any type of grain is cooked softly under the 2.1 ultra-high pressure, as the locking area is designed to be twice as wide and thick with full stainless steel also being used, and a sliding power lock structure.

CUCHEN Rice Cooker

Infrared IR Sensor

No temperature variation with advanced precision temperature control.
Cook the best-flavored rice with the next-generation sensor that can regulate the flavor, heat, and temperature altogether with precision, temperature control technology.